Bring your business alive with 360° Photography

Lively experience


Creating engagement


Attract more customers to your hotel, shop or property

With 360° photography your (future) customers get a lively view into your business.
A photo is worth a thousand words they say.  Imagine that this photo brings your customer the experience of actually being in your hotel, shop or other. Lively and vivid.
This in the convenience of their own home. The customers themselves decide where they want to zoom in or not.
Which detail, product they want to explore better.

This way the viewer is not a mere viewer but almost being part of the event, being in that house or walking around in the scene. People feel instantly involved.

Reaching customers at the moment they decide

The interesting and crucial aspect of this way of online marketing, is that you reach your customers on a very powerful way right at the moment they are deciding where to sleep, have a drink, a diner or where to shop. That is what will happen if your 360 degree pictures are for example on Google maps or Google Business View. It is lively, vivid and brings across very effectively the ambiance and unique qualities of your business. An effective and innovate way to increase visits to your place, which more an more business are now embracing.

A short lecture on 360° photography

Everyday photography usually captures a single emotion or situation.
With panoramic photography or 360° photos a viewer can see the scene from many angles and look around 360 degrees. The viewer has control over what he wants to see closer, where he wants zoom in or what he wants to explore more.

In order to be able to look 360° around, you need to make not surprinsingly more pictures and ‘stitch’ them together. Working with a Nikon Fisheye 10,5 mm Lens, we make 40 and sometimes 56 pictures – depending on the contrast in light – to get one interactive panorama photo.

360 ° photography is getting very popular and a lot of people make 360° photos with their iPhone. However if you want to have High Quality (High Resultion, Sharpness, Good Lighting), than you need more advanced equipment and make use of HDR (High Dynamic Range) tecnique.

Where to use your 360°photos?

Use your photos or virtual tour on:

Your Facebookpage
Your website
Google Business View
Other social media

We can assist you embedding your photos to Google Business View and different social media platforms.

Be visible on Google Business Photos

Everybody knows Google Street View where you virtually walk through the area you want to know more about. Google Business Photos is the indoor equivalent which uses the same technology as Street View. It allows shops, restaurants and other businesses to provide virtual tours of their premises.

Here you can almost literally show the world your business. Using 360 degrees photos in a virtual tour is an excellent way to do that.

Imagine that billions of people daily use the internet to look for a place to go, to eat, to shop or to sleep. Of those people 93% is using Google to search on internet!

Imagine how powerful it would be when your business pops up at the very moment potential customers are deciding where to go, allowing them to take a look inside and experience the ambiance. It would be an opportunity to turn a potential customer  into a customer.

More Offline and Online Traffic

Your business easier to find on the internet

Your business Higher in Ranking

More Customer Engagement

Funda and other real estate websites

Sometimes it is a challenge to bring across the unique caracteristics, space or ambiance of your house.
Although one dimensional photos can come close to reality, they can’t compete with the realistic interactive photos where you can look 360° around and zoom into details. It is a highly realistic presentation of your property. It makes people more engaged and positive about your property.
It allows people to make a more realistic first selection.
This way only really intested people come to visit your house.

Potential buyers or guests can virtually walk through your house or apartment before seeing it live. Funda did research about the effects of 360° photography and it turned out that (potential)buyers evaluate a house with 360° photos more positively. Therefore Funda and other real estate websites want to stimulate 360° photography by giving houses with 360° pictures a higer ranking. Direct consequences of that higher ranking is that the house will get more attention. Another reason to think about 360° photography.

Your photos 4 times longer looked at

Your house more positively evaluated

Your house higher in ranking

More Customer Engagement

Virtual Tour

A panorama is a picture made of more pictures where you can look 360º around. You can also decide to use more panoramas from different positions in your house, hotel or shop. We then stitch the panoramas together. This way an online visitor can walk virtually through your shop, using the arrows to decide which direction to go to or zoom in to see a product or whatever they find interesting in detail.

Personal Panorama

An original way to introduce your team or your colleagues.
Or to show your newborn to the world.
Or to give a brithday present with a group of friends.
Or 1000 more reasons to create a creative panorama.

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