Area: Spain
Region: Cadiz, Andalusia
Location type: Country Homes & Cottages
Reference code: 2016093

Villa Extramuros is something special not to say spectacular. This contemporary villa is located in Arraiolos in Portugal in an area well known for its unspoiled beautiful wilderness. The interior design is a mix of furniture and art. Classic vintage items from the 50s combined with contemporary furniture. From design icons to recycled furniture like pallets on the terrace. It gives the house a special feel. This mixture of different items seems fluidly  to blend into a unique “Villa Extremuros’ style. The house itself is located in the middle of nature with lots of space and sun. The landscape here is magical. The villa is in the midst of cork oaks and olive trees.

KEYWORDS: Contemporary Art and Architecture, Portugues Arquitecture in modern version, Inspirational, Nature, Tranquility, Stunning Views, Space, Swimming Pool.