Cadiz, a city full of history

Sea, gastronomy, culture

I love Cadiz!
It is a special place, located on a pensinsula. Cadiz is roughly divided in the new and old part. The new part is the touristic version, with high apartments and a lot of beaches.
The old city starts at the end of the peninsula, driving ‘through’ the ages old city walls which used to surround the city.
And then the hapiness starts. You get treated constantly to gorgeous architecture, impressive trees which are scattered along the city and a lot of history.
Cadiz’ old town is a small labyrinth with streets, plazas and parks.
And the food is good! In Cadiz the tapafloor is yours.

Coming to Andalusia I was looking for a place near the city where you can find culture and leisure, beach and nature. Cadiz has it all.
Coming to Cadiz is a lot easier with the new bridge going straight to the center.

The city is relatively small. You can easily walk through all the small labirinth like streets, soaking up the Spanish way of life. People selling stuff at markets, terraces, music, beach, culture. You name it, everything is in reach.
And best of it are the friendly Andalusian people!

You just can’t do anything more than to love Cadiz.