Two curious beings

And two noses for new things

When I am travelling, Pepa is as curious as I am. Pepa is originally from Spain.
So going back to Spain had an extra dimension. This will be our opportunity to make new memories since her first 3 months of her life haven’t been the best. The organisation who took care of her and brought her to Holland, told me she was a Spanish Waterdog or at least a mixture with a waterdog.

When I was in Spain, people were excited about her. In Catalunya, they told me she was a ‘Gos d’Atura’, Catalan for ‘Pastor Catalan’ or better known as Catalan Shepherd. That explained why she felt like a fish in the water in the mountains, giving me a heart attack every time she was balancing on the very edge of inmensely high cliffs.

Pepa has a mind of her own. Another thing we have in common. When she doesn’t want to go home, she sits down and stares at me. I can do whatever I want, but she just stay.

And she is funny.

Whenever she is with me, it feels like I am with my perfect travel mate. Together we discover, take a break, eat or swim.

I love her to pieces!