From newspaper headquarter to hotel, workspace, meetingroom, bar and much more

I think it was more than 6 years ago when I was having a cocktail with a friend at the rooftop terrace at the ‘Volkskrant’ building. Former headquarters of the Dutch ‘Volkskrant’ newspaper.

Club Canvas had created on the top floor of the building a place where you could eat, drink or dance at one of their parties.
At that time the building was an urban resort for creative entrepreneurs, but only the topfloor was open for public.

Now the building hosts a hotel and the good thing is, that the former creatives who brought the buiding alive didn’t have to leave. Instead of that, the founder of the Volkshotel sought cooperation with them.

That’s why the Volkshotel is much more than an hotel. It’s a meetingplace, a workingspace, a creative urban retreat. There is a novelty shop, a recording studio, a restaurant, a cocktailbar, a club and the rooftop terrace is now even more impressive. Everything in an unique creative ambiance. It is an explosion of vintage design and artistic expression.

The artists who now are housed in the right wing of the building, do al lot in and for the hotel. A Dj plays at parties, an artists designed the bath products and made a artwork in the stairwell. A lot of  their work is showcased in the entresols and in the rest of the Hotel. Canvas is still running the bar and all the catering.

It all seem to blend very well together. A great example of cooperation and cocreation!

172 rooms and 9 special rooms

The Volkshotel counts 172 bedrooms. the rooms still have an industrial look because of the use of concrete, wood and glass.

There are 9 special rooms all decorated in a unique theme. There is a room decorated with bicicle parts where you sleep in a famous Dutch ‘bakfiets’ (bike with box where the Dutchies transport everything including their children).

When they started the building of the hotel, everybody could enter their idea and pitch it to the team of the Volkshotel. finally they end up with nine great rooms and those became the special rooms. The are in every sense special because ideas could come from not only designers, but also from non designers. in this way the management team end up picking the idea of for example the toilet lady from club Canvas.

Pick a room!

Choose between standard rooms and special rooms with most original designs.
The rooms have an industrial look beacuse of the concrete which they combined with wood and glass.
There is a hot tub on the top floor which is for guests only and free of charge.
Most of the rooms have a fabulous view over Amsterdam.

For more information, please check

3 standard rooms * 2 superior rooms

Prices of the rooms vary and starts from €89,-

If you want to book a room, go to the Volkshotel website.

Amsterdam East

Volkshotel is located in Amsterdam East, nearbij the metrostation Wibautstraat.

You could spend months here and still haven't seen everything

I really like the quirky, retro, trendy atmosphere. People are very courteous and welcoming. Very young clientele which is a great reminder of how silly I once was (who am I kidding, I still am). Their youthful vigor permeates the air and contributes to the excitement within the bustling crowd. I would definitely stay here again despite there being no room service. It is very convenient to public transport. I like this place! L.K, USA

Incredibly friendly staff, amazingly designed rooms and so much details. You could probably spend months there and still find things you haven’t seen before. R.B, Munchen

Chilled out luxurious hostel. Will go back! K.S. Stockholm




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